Mindhunter Title Sequence
A two-minute long mock title sequence for the Netflix psychological crime thriller television series "Mindhunter".
Two-minute long title sequence
I collected image inspiration, forming two visual directions. The first look replicates the classic crime-board, with red connecting lines to connecting pieces of evidence and photographs. The second look is dark and moody, using a gradient map filter effect.
I then sketched rough composition and movements for each idea.
I created style boards, designing out a few frames of two potential visual directions before selecting a style to commit to.
I selected the first style due to its complex and detailed look. I felt the complex compositions reflected the complex and twisted plots in the show. I first put together a rough cut, roughly stitching together clips to form an unfinished, but thought-out result.

I then refined the piece into the final cut. See embedded video above, or view here.

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