Get Your Shot Together
How do we encourage a younger audience to get vaccinated?

“Get Your Shot Together” was a music festival with food and drinks, created to encourage the young adults of Madison County, NY to focus on their health and well-being by being up to date on immunizations, including the COVID-19 vaccine.

I worked on this project during my internship at Trainor. During the design process I worked closely with the art director, where I gained valuable collaboration skills. My contributions within the project's visual language include color choice and illustrative assets.
Madison County Health Department

Designer and Illustrator

Marketing Landing Page Web Design, Static Social Media Posts, Posters, T-Shirts, Stickers
Rough sketches of ideas that would be incorporated throughout the rest of the project.
The Event
The event located at The Good Nature Brewery included live music, food and drinks, and vendors from across the state. Madison County Department of Health administered 135 immunizations.

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