The Graphic Design Senior Thesis Show
To say the least, the New Paltz class of 2023 has been through some sh*t.

As we entered our first year into adulthood, we were greeted by the pandemic. Despite the pandemic having long-lasting effects on the rest of our college experience, we wanted to dedicate our senior show theme to the parts of New Paltz that brought us together. Butt Corners, Gunk Bird, the New Paltz peace sign mural, the famous Old Library selfie bathroom, the never-ending at-home COVID testings, the bars' famous late night DJ, and the universal experience of nearly getting ran over by a New Paltz skater™.

During my senior year, I was part of the SUNY New Paltz Graphic Design Senior Thesis Show branding team. As a team of four, we shaped our initial brainstorming ideas into the final concept: a yearbook. 

While those outside of New Paltz might not understand or know the imagery — we can assure you the class of 2023 does.

My contributions include the branding's look/feel and web design/development. 
SUNY New Paltz Graphic Design Program

Branding, Web Design & Development, Motion Design

Kim Blum
Eve Fagan
Lianna Maley
Emma Riddle

Website, Social Media Posts, Print Catalog, Print Handouts
Final Deliverables
Look and Feel
Inspired by old-school maximalist collage, 90s typography, grain textures, and notebook doodles. The content is filled with imagery that resonates with Graphic Design New Paltz students. The nostalgic design choices emphasize the reflection of old memories and inside jokes of those graduating.
Designed in Visual Studio Code using HTML/CSS. Inspired by the doodles you might find in a design student's school notebook — we asked each student to draw their own self portrait, featured alongside their headshots.

As someone excited by interactive design, I wanted to view the drawings on-hover, so that the viewer could curiously engage with the site.  
Social Media
We used the @npzdesign Instagram account to further promote the show, by showcasing each design student in their own individual post. I led the design idea and direction of the posts. The posts would work singularly, but also become part of a larger interconnected collage when viewed on the Instagram profile grid. 
Working within a team of 4 allowed us to identify our strengths and interests, which dictated which projects we would tackle individually. As a group, our goal deliverables included a print catalog, website, social media posts, vinyl stickers for wall and floor application, posters, postcards, goodie bag and handouts.

Within the group, my strengths included visual branding, web design & development, and motion design. 

Visual Identity
We each gathered different visual inspiration and created mood boards. Then, we decided on certain visual choices, such as collaged New Paltz related imagery, notebooks and pencils, and one color ink bled type on textured paper.

Working as a Team
We communicated both in-person and through an active group chat, where we were able to plan and give each other creative feedback. We used shared tools such as Miro and Google Drive to collaboratively brainstorm and hold all of the design assets. ​​​​​​​
Feedback and Takeaways
We received strong positive feedback from both design faculty and students. The individual instagram posts for each student was a great way to bring excitement towards the show. Many students, family, and friends reposted the post to their stories in support of the design student. 

If I could expand on this project, I would like to change some parts of the website. I have beginners knowledge of HTML/CSS, and there are a few edits I would make in terms of spacing/framing. 

This project was rewarding to take on, as it was exciting to celebrate the growth of my peers and all of the work we have created since the beginning of our college experience.

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