Rise! Restaurant Branding
Fresh baked breads are hard to come by in the selection of convenient and fast breakfasts.

What if there was a fast, casual, to-go breakfast restaurant that served freshly baked breads, pastries, sandwiches, bowls, and more?

Ditch the frozen breakfast sandwiches. Choose Rise!

The Project 
I designed a 17 page branding deck for the fast-food bakery "Rise!" — I considered the details of a brand story, logo, colors, typography, tone of voice, imagery, and mockups.

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SUNY New Paltz Coursework

Branding, Deck Presentation, Packaging, UI, Social

Starting this project, I brainstormed and sketched a variety of logos and names that could potentially be used for my fast-food bakery restaurant. I narrowed down my favorites to a list of 8.

When choosing which logo mark I wanted to pursue, I considered the location, assisting visuals, and other qualities that would influence the experience of this store. I thought the big, bold, puffy typography of #8 resembled a clean take on puffy rising bread. I did not want to pursue something sophisticated, as that would emulate a more of a sit-down experience. 

The Rise! experience is quick, friendly, and straight to the point.
Visual Exploration & Type Design
Bringing my ideas into Illustrator led me to experiment with different typefaces and color palettes. I drew color inspiration from the images I collected during my visual exploration stage. After sifting through typefaces, I realized that I could not use a pre-existing typeface to meet the needs of my vision. I then decided to pursue a custom type for the logo.
Reflection & Takeaways
If I would expand this project, I would like to explore stronger visuals (experimentation with different shapes and patterns) that could make the brand feel more unique and identifiable. I also am curious about how the assets could be used for in-store signage/interior design, which would help capture a more holistic experience of the branding in-use.

My work process for this project was far from usual. I worked on this with a much quicker pace than I usually experience with design projects. I designed the entire brand deck and all of the content within the deck (apart from the logo and UI screens) in 1 day. 

To me, working on this project was like a 24-hour branding design challenge. I still see a lot of creative potential for the designs I've created, but I learned from this project how to design and produce final deliverables with a quick turnaround.

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